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M A N G A  B A T T L E
a manga icon battle community

Welcome to manga_battle, a battling icon community focusing solely on icons made from manga images! Your mods are angeling and fearthechopstic.

The original idea of 'battle' type icon communities is credited to tartankilts over at ff_kh_battle, though this community was more inspired by the style of battling at bssm_battle.

Basically, contestants sign up to the challenge as an "avatar" - a character of a manga series of their choice that will represent them throughout the entirety of the challenge. Each challenge consists of a series of "rounds" - each round is different from the next and has a different objective - the ones that complete the objective better (to be decided by popular vote and mod choices) will be awarded more points, while the ones that don't get as many votes won't get as many points - and might even lose points!

Every week after the preliminary round, a number of contestants with the least points will have to go - and it will continue for every subsequent round, until there is only one contestant left.

First, second and third places are eligible for picking prizes if they so wish! There will also be banners every week for people and mod's choices.

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Current Challenge: 02
Sign-Ups: CLOSED

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